7/20/21 Hour 1 intheMatrixxx and ShadyGrooove kick off the show with Jeffrey Pedersen’s viral video with Dr. Bryan Ardis breaking the 45,000 people that died within 72 hours of the Jab. Attorney Mike Renz from the Reawakening Tour in Anaheim, CA this weekend, breaks the news about the #45K Lawsuit, read here. Then the guys play an interview with Dr. Ardis that you can’t miss.   Hour 2 The guys continue the interview with Dr. Ardis’ earthshattering interview with a very special announcement. Then the guys welcome back to the MG Show, Mike Lindell who is not mincing his words and is all in for the fight to save our Country, are you? Do not miss it!!!   This one is yet another BOOM!!! Please TUNE IN, SHARE and ENJOY THE SHOW!