Who We Are

About the MG Show

Few Words About Us

The MG Show has been dedicated to comprehensive research and disseminating facts since its launch in January 2019. Created by hosts Jeffrey Pedersen (intheMatrixxx) and Shannon Townsend (ShadyGrooove), the MG Show is a collaborative vision rapidly becoming one of the most-watched and widely recognized alternative media. Their desire to turn knowledge into action has positively impacted people around the world.

Matrixxx and Shady have traveled around the country interviewing some of the most influential people to bring their viewers the latest cutting-edge news. Despite censorship across social media platforms, they have experienced unprecedented growth across all platforms.

Our philosophy

To be accurate about the truth, there is actual, well-sourced, and documented information hidden from mankind, which we break down to show you the path to the truth. To know your power, you must learn the Constitution. If you want to find the truth…that choice, to know, will be yours.

The truth is learned; it is never told.

Our principles

  • The truth is learned, never told.
  • The Constitution is our weapon.
  • We take an open-minded approach to news and information to challenge the narrative of the mainstream media.
  • A fact is a fact whether we like it or not.
  • Question EVERYTHING!